b'Latrobe Community Revitalization Program 816 Ligonier Street, P.O. Box 920 Latrobe, PA15650 Its been a very productive summer as we continue to work with our many community partners to advance a number of substantial projects downtown.We finally wrapped up the faade renovation with our friends at the very popular Carmines Pizza and Pasta with new lighting, signage and a classy new awning.We also welcome two new businesses downtown: Clips on Mane Hair Salon and the new Early Learning Resource Center, both on the 300 block of Main Street.Combined, these two businesses have brought nearly 20 new full-time jobs to downtown Latrobe.The 810 Ligonier Street building project (formerThe building is under new responsible ownership G.C. Murphys and Dollar General), which we acquiredwhich follows a very encouraging trend that we through a generous grant from the Katherine Mabiscontinue to see in downtown. Working with McKenna Foundation, has had significant progressthe new owner, the scope of work for what will since we acquired it earlier this year.In just the pastultimately be a mixed use building entails restoring five months since acquisition, the entire building hasthe brickwork, adding up and down lighting and been repointed, the roof has been corrected andreimagining the lower storefront elevation entirely. sealed, new awnings have gone up on both sides,Finally, after months of planning, we are well into and various stages of interior demolition have givenimplementing the rehabilitation of five residential way to new walls being built which house electricalproperties through our Home Owner Rehab pilot upgrades.The original hardwood floors are also beingprogram.This partnership with the DCED and the meticulously restored in phases over the next fewgenerosity of a $150,000 donation by locally owned months.In addition, four areas where large windowsand operated Robindale Energy has made possible appeared in the late 1800s have been brought back onthis first ever pilot program to help increase the look the Ligonier Street side facing the alley.Brother Markand value of our many residential neighborhoods. Floreanini- a Benedictine Monk from nearby St. Vincent Archabbey, renowned for his skill in restoration pieces-With the help of many we are encouraged to be is working on making custom, time period appropriatemanaging growth instead of managing decline, stained-glass windows (late 1800s to early 1900s)throughout Latrobe.So be to overlay on these newly installed window areas. Wesure to get downtown and took a brief pause in renovations to open the doorsshop local at the monthly Shop to the public to show the real model neighborhoodHop Nights, weekly Farmers display used in the film starring Tom Hanks A BeautifulMarket, the new Night Market Day in the Neighborhood during Mister Rogers Familyand of course the Banana Split Days. Also, the lower level pool hall (entrance on MainFestival at the end of August!Street which will soon see new lit signage) is now non-smoking and open to the public in the evenings for just $5 to play.These are some of the many of the completed upgrades as we work to position this building to bring new nightlife to downtown Latrobe. We also just received a substantial CDBG faade grant administered by Westmoreland County for 324 Main Street- known by many as the former Dancers Studio.www.latroberevitalization.orgPhone: 724-805-0112816 Ligonier Street, P.O. Box 920 Latrobe, PA1565017Jarod L. Trunzo, Executive Director'