b'2023 Fall/Winter Programs To register, click on program title THE TIMESMartial Arts ALL GROUND ZERO ACTIVITIES ARE HELD AT Ground Zero Gym, 348 Main Street, LatrobeQuik Kix Womens Fitness Kickboxing Lil BrutesWOMEN ONLYALL LEVELS, AGES 12+ AGES 5-11Fun fitness kickboxing with a touchA light and fun introduction to Mixed Martial Arts.of technique. A 45 Minute fast pacedOur goal is to help prevent bullying and promote self- cardio kickboxing workout. Ourdefense and fitness. A 45 minute class which includes women instructors train underfun workouts, fundamental techniques and fun games.our head kickboxing coach andSaturdays, 10:00 AM - 10:45 AMprofessional fighter Alexander Beck. What separates our cardio kickboxingSESSION 1:10/7-10/28 REGISTER BY: 9/29from the rest is not only will you get aSESSION 2:11/4-11/25REGISTER BY: 10/27great workout but you will learn the basicSESSION 3:12/2-12/23REGISTER BY: 11/24techniques of a functional Martial Art. SESSION 4:1/6-1/27 REGISTER BY: 12/29INSTRUCTORS:Ground Zero CoachesSaturdays, 9:00 AM - 9:45 AM FEES:$30/40SESSION 1:10/7-10/28 REGISTER BY: 9/29SESSION 2:11/4-11/25REGISTER BY: 10/27SESSION 3:12/2-12/23REGISTER BY: 11/24 Beginner Boxing SESSION 4:1/6-1/27 REGISTER BY: 12/29 ALL LEVELS, AGES 12+INSTRUCTORS:Ground Zero Coaches An introduction into a functional FEES:$40/50 martial art.Do not feel intimidated if you have no experience.Our goal is Womens Only Beginner Jiu Jitsu to promote self-defense and fitness.WOMEN ONLYALL LEVELS, AGES 12+Female only introduction into the most functionalThursdays, 6:00 PM - 7:00 PMmartial art. Have fun getting into shape and learn toSESSION 1:10/5-10/26REGISTER BY: 9/29defend yourself.Our class is taught by our experiencedSESSION 2:11/2-11/30*REGISTER BY: 10/27female competitors.Tuesdays, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM SESSION 3:12/712/28REGISTER BY: 11/24SESSION 4:1/4-1/25REGISTER BY: 12/30SESSION 1:10/3-10/24 REGISTER BY: 9/29 INSTRUCTORS:Ground Zero CoachesSESSION 2:11/7-11/28REGISTER BY: 10/27 FEES:$40/50SESSION 3:12/512/26REGISTER BY: 11/24 *(no class 11/23SESSION 4:1/9-1/30 REGISTER BY: 12/29INSTRUCTORS:Ground Zero Coaches YOGAFEES:$40/50 ALL LEVELS AND AGESCome join Anastasia, 200 hour Registered Yoga Beginner Brazilian Jiu JitsuTeacher, for a 45 minute beginner Yoga flow class. If ALL LEVELS, AGES 12+ you are looking for an opportunity to welcome more An introduction into the most functional martial art. movement, stretching and healthier habits into your life, Do not feel intimidated if you have no experience. this class is a great place to start.Wednesdays, 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM Saturdays, 8:00 AM - 8:45 AMSESSION 1:10/4 - 10/25 REGISTER BY: 9/29 SESSION 1:10/7-10/28 REGISTER BY: 9/29SESSION 2:11/111/22REGISTER BY: 10/27 SESSION 2:11/4-11/25REGISTER BY: 10/27SESSION 3:12/612/27REGISTER BY: 11/24 SESSION 3:12/2-12/23REGISTER BY: 11/24SESSION 4:1/101/31REGISTER BY: 12/29 SESSION 4:1/6-1/27 REGISTER BY: 12/29INSTRUCTORS:Ground Zero Coaches INSTRUCTORS:Ground Zero CoachesFEES:$40/50 FEES:$40/5012Greater Latrobe Parks & Recreation901 Jefferson StreetLatrobe'