b'2023 Fall/Winter Programs To register, click on program title THE TIMESArt Programs Im A Nut!GRADES 1-6 Creepin Up The WindowGRADES 1-6In this class, we will draw a squirrel free-hand addingSpider webs can be seen all around during the to his winter stash. Using watercolor paints, theHalloween season! Starting with pencils and sharpies, students will blend the colors to achieve the squirrelsstudents will draw their webs for their spider. Then, multicolored fur and use oil pastels to accent andwatercolors will be used to provide a blended outline his details. Acrylic paint will then be added tobackground for the window. As a finishing touch, we will create the squirrels acorn and add a 3D effect. add a mat board window frame and our little spider so DATE:FEE: that he can enjoy his webs.Wednesday, 9/6 $15 DATE: Wednesday, 10/4 INSTRUCTOR: Seth TIME:INSTRUCTOR:TIME: 6-7 PM Rupert 6-7 p.m. Seth Rupert LOCATION:FEE: $15LOCATION: DEADLINE:Latrobe Art Center DEADLINE: 9/29Latrobe Art Center 9/1Im Here for the Pumpkin PieGRADES 1-6 Lets Trim A Zentangle Tree!GRADES 1-6Thanksgiving is all about family, fun, and food -Using mixed media paper and sharpie markers, students especially pumpkin pie! Using geometric shapes, thewill create a triangle and the sections of their trees. students will draw a wedge of pie on a plate using theSimple Zentangle patterns will be drawn into the tree mediums of chalk and oil pastels. A black backgroundsections using oil pastels to create different colors and will make their colors pop! A big dollop of whippedpatterns of the students own design. The tree will then cream will finish off this favorite Thanksgiving dessert. be shaded green with watercolor paints and blending. DATE: INSTRUCTOR:Gold and brown cardstock will add the star and trunk Wednesday, 11/1 Seth Rupert finishing touches to the trees. TIME:FEE:DATE: Wednesday, 12/6 INSTRUCTOR:Seth 6-7PM $15 TIME: 6-7PM RupertLOCATION: DEADLINE: LOCATION: FEE: $15Latrobe Art Center 10/27 Latrobe Art Center DEADLINE: 12/1211 Weldon Street, Latrobe, PA(724) 539-25751000 Tower Way, Greensburg, PAAUTOHOMEBUSINESSLIFE HEALTH (724) 832-2575 S\x1eving the \x15ea since 1940 info@kattanferretti.comKEEPING YOU PROTECTED IS JUST AS IMPORTANT AS SAVING YOU MONEY!www.latroberecreation.org724-537-433115'